Creating a user

Creating a user:

usr = session.createUser(email="gavinBelson",mobile="+61888000888")


user_id = "88888888"
usr = session.getUser(user_id)


Detailed object methods and subroutines available here.


Example usage:

# Return email
# Return mobile
# Return ID

Update user details

Example Usage:

usr.update(email="", mobile="+61409838099")
# Returns True if success

Get transactions

Returns a list of Transaction objects.

Example Usage:

transactions = usr.getTransactions()

Get transaction

Returns a Transaction object.

Example Usage:

transaction = usr.getTransaction("transaction-id823904")

Get income

Returns an Income object.

Example Usage:

income = usr.getIncome()

Get Expenses

Returns an Expense object.

Example Usage:

expense = usr.getExpenses()

Add Connection

Returns a Job object

Example Usage:

job = usr.addConnection(loginID="gavinBelson", password="hooli2016", institutionID="AU00000")

Get Accounts

Returns list of Account objects.

Example Usage:

accounts = usr.getAccounts()

Get Account

Returns account object.

Example Usage:

account = usr.getAccount("acount-id786239420")

Get Connections

Returns list of Connection objects.

Example Usage:

connections = usr.getConnections()

Get Connection

Returns connection object.

Example Usage:

connection = usr.getConnection("conn-id2138967192837")